Mission & Core Competencies

Mission Statement:

We create opportunity by connecting buyers and sellers in a global marketplace.

Core Competencies

• Global Experience: We have a highly experienced team dedicated to working with international markets. Assessing quality suppliers, negotiating costs and terms, and handling cultural and language barriers are among the reasons our customers choose to work with us.

• Sourcing: We excel at effectively and efficiently matching the right supplier to your company’s needs.

• Knowledge Base: We know the right questions to ask to ensure suppliers deliver the products our customers expect. This includes quality assurance, certifications and logistics.

Core Values


We can be trusted to follow-through in our commitments to our customers, vendors and partners.


We believe in standing by our customers, vendors and partners. We operate honestly and respectfully. We instill confidence by helping our customers succeed and grow through the services we provide.


We are committed to building long lasting business relationships. By working with our clients and vendors we are able to better understand our clients’ needs and deliver products and services that exceed their expectations.


We value input and new ideas that foster an environment conducive to serving our clients’ goals.