MaxSource International is a US based company that possesses the skill and expertise in providing full sourcing solutions across a multiple market network and operates on a global scale.

The company is comprised of a team of experts with extensive experience in blue chip corporate organizations within the Kitchen and Bathroom (K&B) industries. The shareholders have over 60 years of combined experience in K&B related products having worked with several of the top brands in the industry. Additionally, the organization’s senior executives have vast experience in Operations, Business Finance and  Marketing. 

The company also counts on its dedicated overseas sourcing professionals with in-depth product knowledge and an extensive manufacturing network. These sourcing professionals quickly source products from audited and validated factories to include tailored designs and facilitation of all market approval requirements.

Our suppliers are all ISO 9001 accredited, and we insist on engaging with only manufacturers that comply fully with specific market quality standards. Our primary target markets are USA and Mexico.

MSI’s clients are becoming more demanding in selecting the right partners to fulfill tailored product requirements where quality and value, both in price and service, are fundamental to sustained business growth. Innovation in product solutions is at the core of business development. MSI has strategic relationships with quality manufacturers, and as such, can respond to specific and complex customer requirements while delivering excellent pricing to maximize client margins. This is our key proven differential.